About Ubuntu What can be done with the Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is a computer operating system.

An operating system similar to Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu. With this operating system, you can run it on desktops, laptops, servers and even if you have a supercomputer. Ubuntu's main difference with Windows is - Windows is a closed source software (that is, nobody knows it except Microsoft) and Ubuntu is open source software (anyone can view, modify and modify their code if they wish). Ubuntu has been developed on the Linux kernel. It's one of the most popular Linux based operating systems in the world right now. Check out a screenshot of the Ubuntu desktop below - a clear operating system!

About Ubuntu What can be done with the Ubuntu Operating System

It has all the same benefits as Windows, and more! Ubuntu can be used only if you know how to use the mouse. Check out the image below - Ubuntu File Manager. Looks are fairly common without difficulty.

One of the biggest advantages of Ubuntu is that you can give it any look you want. Check out the pics below - what makes an Ubuntu user look good is their Ubuntu look!

Let us now answer your second question - what can be done with Ubuntu?

Let's first know where Ubuntu is used.

On desktops and laptops

In the hand of your hand

On various servers worldwide

On the super computer

Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded systems (microwave oven, TV, car, calculator, etc.)

In Robotics

Google, Wikipedia, Netflix, Snapchat, Dropbox, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and other reputable software companies

In various big companies including Lyft, Uber, Walmart

Google and Tesla as operating systems for cars

In defense management (in different countries in Europe)

Government works (in countries like Russia, China)

Research (From Earth to NASA International Space Center)

And many more places you can't even imagine

You know, Ubuntu is being used everywhere - from high street to low street. In fact, it is used everywhere as it can be done with Ubuntu. Lets exclude the high-stakes thing, but let's do a list of what a normal user can do with Ubuntu.

Browse the Internet with Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Create or edit any document (including MS Office) with Libra Office.

Watching video, listening to audio.

Graphics Design (includes software like Gimp, Inkscape)

Working with Windows based software, with a software called Wine.

Play games. (That's right, playing games in Ubuntu is awesome)

Video chat (skype).

Easy to install custom software required from the software store.

And many more.

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