What are the things you need to know about using the Linux operating system?

What are the things you need to know about using the Linux operating system?

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When you want to call Linux an operating system, things get messy, because it's not an operating system. Most of the Linux based operating systems for computers are based on GNU / Linux. However, you probably want to know something about GNU / Linux based operating system as an alternative to Windows! As he answers,

To use this operating system, you need to know the general knowledge about the computer, browsing the internet and knowing a little English. Whenever you need to know, write on the Internet and search.

The operating system only operates your hardware beautifully, and serves as the basis for the user. But the work you / I / we do is basically the work of different software.

For example, we use VLC media player to watch videos, use the Firefox web browser to browse the Internet, listen to songs, use Rhythmbox, GIMP to edit pictures, Blender to create animations, and again. I use INKSCAPE to design a vector ... .... ... and so on.

Notice that we are using different software to do different tasks, in this case the operating system is the only foundation, where different software can be installed.

FreeSource (which runs on GNU / Linux based operating systems) has a lot of good quality software for all the work you need to do.

For example,

Windows users prefer KM player as a media player, while GNU / Linux based operating system users prefer VLC Media Player. Now if you want to take advantage of the KM player in the GNU / Linux operating system or not, then this will not happen.

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