What is Linux operating system? - Definition from Techteum.com

What is Linux operating system?

The Linux operating system has no specialty, because there is no operating system with that name. The GNU operating system uses Linux as a kernel, hence the GNU / Linux operating system.

What is Linux operating system - Definition from Techteum.com

The kernel, which communicates with the hardware and the operating system, can be called the driving force of the operating system, but it is completely wrong to call the operating system.

The purpose of the GNU / Linux operating system is to ensure the security and independence of users in the Internet world. For example, if you want to make any changes or enhancements to any of the Windows software, you will not be able to see the distances of the Windows software source code. You can only use it, as blind manufacturers believe. You didn't even know what that program was actually doing, suppose you downloaded a program that would protect your computer, in effect sending it to your manufacturer without knowing what you were typing or logging into a site. This may be because you cannot see what the program is instructed to do. That's why the word "virus attack" is often heard on Windows.

And the principle of GNU / Linux is "universal open sourcecode", you can modify, modify, and distribute it if you wish.

Since its source code is open, nobody tries to write virus programs for Linux based operating systems.

The fun-virus-antivirus game is made up of two groups of skilled programmers. But who does it hurt ??

In GNU / Linux you are quite free from this problem.

GNU / Linux has numerous distos, Deviant, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Upan Sauce, Fedora, Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux, etc. You can also create and distribute for yourself if you wish. Windows that is past your imagination!

I forgot to say an important thing! GNU / Linux is completely "free", you can make some donations if you have money, but don't have to buy and use with money.

There is also a distro for Linux to spend money on, such as "Red Hat Linux".

Let's see what is and isn't on the GNU / Linux operating system,

 Which is (no need to install separately):

 2. Driver Package (Supported for your PC)

2. C Compiler (GCC)

 2. Audio Tools

 2. Net Browser

 2. Video player

 2. Unzip / Anchor Tools

 2. Disc / pen drive burner

 2. Libre Office Tools

 2. Strong Terminal (BASH)

 2. Software Manager (such as Play Store on Android)

 2. PDF / Document Reader

And whatever is not,

 2. Virus

2. Shortcut Problem

2. Fear of being hacked

These don't exist in GNU / Linux.

You might ask, so good - so good, so why users less?

The other thing is promotion,

Since it is completely free, without developer fees, who will pay for advertising?

And you can say three cheap conditions ... # The answer is, it's your mistake.

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Many thanks to everyone for reading so hard.

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